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Seline is excited to be starting a new chapter. She has moved away from home to begin her first job – as school art teacher in a quaint Yorkshire village. 


Life gets even better when she meets the wild and untamed Robbie, with whom she starts a relationship. Robbie is unpredictable and impulsive and Seline loves the excitement he injects into her well-ordered days.


But Robbie soon reveals a dark side. He becomes more and more domineering and Seline finds herself trapped with a man who needs to control her every waking moment. 


Her only escape is through her artwork. But even there, in the shadowy corners of her own paintings, lurks a disturbing truth she cannot decipher.


Desperate to escape from Robbie, Seline turns to an old family friend, Michael, for help. But Michael has secrets of his own, secrets that entwine with Seline's past in shocking and sinister ways… 


The Girl in the Painting – the gripping psychological thriller perfect for fans of Lucinda Berry, John Marrs and Kiersten Modglin. 

The Girl In The Painting by Caleb Crowe


Reader's Reviews

Readers' Reviews for THE GIRL IN THE PAINTING

This book is wild. The writing is strong, the storyline and plot were enticing, and the twist was cleverly laid out.

This is a quick, action-packed thriller that you don’t want to miss out on.

Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png

WOW! If this is a debut, I cannot wait to read more by this new voice in fiction.

I love this book! 

Thriller fans, this is a 'must-read'! I am on the edge of my

seat, and I cannot put this one down.

Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png

Takes readers on a rollercoaster ride.

The author skilfully builds tension and suspense, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Chilling and thought-provoking.

I really enjoyed this.

Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png

Alyssa S.


Judy Collins


Giselle A.





Caleb Crowe

is a British writer of psychological thrillers, and is fascinated by stories where extraordinary things happen to ordinary people, and the mundane is transformed into the menacing.

He’s afraid of the sea, fearful in the countryside, panicky in large open spaces and terrified of small, confined spaces. He finds eerily quiet villages and bustling impersonal cities equally unsettling. There’s nowhere, and no one, that doesn’t possess some kind of dark, brooding anxiety just waiting to have the lid prised open and turned into a twisty, suspenseful, nerve-shredding story.

He lives in Manchester with his partner, two children and two cats, who probably have their own mysterious agendas. Whether he's navigating the urban jungle or wrestling with the daily challenges of family life, Caleb draws inspiration from the unpredictability of everyday existence.


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